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In Trade of Lowest cost

The NXTreme is NXT Technologies’ flagship product. It is a validator node, the foundational building block of NXTChain, which creates the decentralized blockchain ecosystem. By staking NXT tokens through the address of their NXTreme users can earn passive income with a minimum APR of 10% rewarded in NXT tokens. Furthermore, NXTChain is able to allocate NXTreme nodes to specific projects resulting in a robust and flexible network that can be tailored to certain projects without compromising others. The NXTreme also comes equipped with an extra 1TB drive called the NXTSafe – it’s a decentralized digital safe that uses the IPFS protocol. Users will be able to plug in to the NXTreme and upload files/documents to the blockchain. When the document or file is stored on the decentralized storage, a hash of the file or document is returned. This hash corresponds to a transaction on the blockchain. The information is retrieved by viewing the hash recorded on the smart contract and using the hash to access the decentralized storage to retrieve the files. There is also an option to encrypt the file if the content requires privacy or anonymity.